Date : 10-07-2018

Though man has been very much fascinated by modern treatments and techniques, he is gradually depending on nature again. Everyone has started reverting to the science of Ayurveda. Ayurveda treatments usually have a holistic approach owing to the fact that everything about the body is interconnected. Ayurveda treatments involve diets, herbal medications, and therapeutic procedures as well. Here we will be discussing the ayurvedic treatments for chronic urticaria.

What is chronic urticaria?

It is a condition where the skin develops raised itchy patches all over the body. In Ayurveda, Urticaria is known as Sheeta Pitta.

Treatment and Procedures

  • The patient is given Deepana and Pachana medicines prior to the administration of specific treatment. This helps to improve appetite thereby providing better absorption of medicines in any form.
  • The vitiated doshas are then eliminated via Panchkarma therapy for detoxifying the body, improving the immune system and to balance all the main elements of the body.
  • The Tridoshas are stabilized by prescribing diets, internal herbal medications, and external therapies.
  • Rasayana treatment is suggested to prevent the recurrence of the disease. Rasayana treatment improves the metabolism and increases the tissue turnover.

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