The appearance of white patches on skin  is termed as vitiligo or leukoderma. It can be affected on any of the body part. People with vitiligo may experience social discrimination. It can reduce their confidence and self-esteem. The ayurvedic treatment for white patches will give you a complete relief from vitiligo, as these treatments are  natural and free from side effects.

Due to an  autoimmune condition, in which the body’s immune system destroys melanocytes ( pigment giving color to skin) the cells get damaged and it leads to the formation of white patches on skin. Vitiligo can be affected on all people irrespective of their gender, age and race.  




Pigment loss on various body parts. It is commonly affected on areas that are exposed to sun, areas around moles, body folds etc. In addition, it can also be affected on eyelids and hair.


Ayurveda is the science of life, where focus is given to eliminate the root cause of disease and to prevent the disease completely. Switra or kilasa is the ayurvedic term of vitiligo. It is classified into 3 types: Vatika; Paithika; Kaphaja. Extensive and long term treatment is necessary to manage the condition effectively. Ayurvedic treatment helps to improve the metabolism and immunity of the body by cleansing and removing the toxins. This will help to restore the pigmentation of skin.
Amrita Ayurveda Medical Centre provides the  best vitiligo treatments in india. Dr. R.S Roy, BAMS is the chief Consultant of the hospital. He is one of the best dermatologist in Kerala, who provides a complete solution for all skin ailments.


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